International Team

Letter for Advent 2014

Dear Brothers,
     We are close to Advent and the feast of the anniversary of the death of Brother Charles: Universal Brother, this human gift of God for the Church and the world of the least, he who by his charism helps us discover God the Father and the goodness of people, worker and contemplative... we could give him a rosary of titles, all very different from the one he had socially as Viscount de Foucauld.  The searcher, the man of peace, the poor man... When he encounters Jesus he is transformed in his humanity into a great friend of Jesus', feeling loved and accompanied  To love and accompany people: this is one of our missions.  We feel loved and accompanied: the gratuity with which our brothers and sisters show us the face of Jesus.  Only the least of people can understand this.  We recall this phrase of bother Charles:... Read more

Letter from Amborovy - September 2014

Dear Brothers,
Manahoana? (How is it going?) Salama! (Greetings!)
We want to share our joy in being fraternity, coming from different cultures, welcomed by Felix in Madagascar, and we share our experience of work in Antananarivo and Mahajanga through what we have lived with the Little Sisters of the Gospel in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital, in our visit with the Malagasy priest fraternity in Amborovy, and in our sharing in the closing of the National Assembly of the Spiritual Families of Charles de FOUCAULD.  Adoration, celebration, and opening our hearts to e read by others...  Read more

JESUS CARITAS - Holy Week Letter, April 2014

Dear Brothers,
It is not easy to write an Easter letter, always a message of immense joy,
when brothers of ours have been deprived of their freedom. You already know that Sister Gilberte, a Canadian, of the Congregation of N.D. de Montréal, and two Italian priests of the Diocese of Vicenza – Giampaolo y Gianantonio, who is a member of our Fraternity – remain kidnapped...Read more