Statues and Directory

Fraternity Statues

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  • Title and Nature of the Association
  • The Aims and Methods of the Association
  • Members of the Association
  • The Internal Organization of the Association
  • The Responsibles
  • The General Assembly
  • Finances
  • Modification of the Statutes
  • Transitory Measures


In 1976 the General Assembly of the Jesus Caritas Union of Priests took place at Montefiolo, near Rome. They agreed to issue this Directory. to replace the former Statutes. They also agreed on a change of name. from Union to Fraternity. in order to stress the need for universal brotherhood. both among priests. and by priests towards the entire human family. The delegates went to Rome. to receive the blessing of Pope Paul Vl. Not only did he bless them. but he also thanked them for being for him a source of hope and consolation. "Be ardent", he said, "to spread among your diocesan fraternities, that burning love for Christ Jesus and that consuming concern for the redemption of the world so fully expressed in the life of the hermit of Tamanrasset. In this way you will continue to give us your indispensable co-operation in upholding the Catholic priesthood, and its identity. That priestly identity has never consisted in anything else. and never will, than in the exclusive and permanent gift one makes of oneself to the Lord, along with a total availability to people, with a view to leading them along the way that leads to knowledge of God as he really is. 

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